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We are a non-profit, all volunteer 12,000+ book and media lending library and book sanctuary that was established in 1963. We also provide space for classes and meetings as well as sell gifts, used books, new books, gem stones and crystals.
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Connecting the Brain and Body With Justin Keffer, D.C.
July 10, 6-7:30 p.m.
Our entire health can be affected by the connection between the brain and the body. It is the electrical impulses traveling through the nerves that is the one common thread connecting all organs and parts of our bodies together. Innately, your body knew how to take you from two cells to several trillion and since our cells are still constantly turning over, we are in a dynamic state of change and repair. True health comes from within. Learn how to maximize this innate healing capacity.

Info: keffer.dc@gmail.com; www.upcspine.com
Library Donation.
Steps to Manifest Money and Synchronize Abundance
July 22, 7-9:00 p.m.
Does Money come easily for you? If NOT, ask yourself WHY? Learn what you need to do RIGHT to achieve this principle! Hear some easy steps to creating "Money Flow" in your life and at the same time synchronizing "Abundance". Money is only energy to achieve the things you want in your life. How do you make this happen? Cheryln will share 8 Easy Tips that can help you manifest more Money in your life and synchronize Abundance! Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694;

Cheryln, a Motivational Speaker / Trainer, an Intuitive Spirit Medium, Musician, Author, Radio & TV Personality, will inform and entertain you by drawing from her vast knowledge on this subject. With a Degree in Interior Design, and through her 35 years of color experience as an Interior Designer and an Intuitive Spirit Medium, she has learned the full connection of it ALL. She is writing her 2nd book on Color, Healing & Auras; among others.
Body Language (Nonverbal Communication) with Cheryln
July 25, 2-4:00 p.m.
What IS Body Language? Did you realize that approximately 55 % of How we communicate is done through Body Language? This form of Communication gives US a lot of extra information beyond the spoken words that can be used to recognize people's emotions, and discover their real intentions. It involves Facial expressions through facial muscle movements of the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, tongue, jaw, overall posture such as shoulder movements, arm placements, hand & finger gestures, leg & feet placement and much more. Are you looking for that Special Person in your life, that job you want, answers that you are looking for, etc? What people are saying (i.e.: the words they speak) and what they are really saying (their intentions, emotions, hidden agendas etc.) can be very different. Some people lie. Some people unconsciously oppose what they say. Some people pretend to be what they're not. And many people don't talk at all (but their body speaks volumes!) What IS YOUR Body Language Saying to Others plus how can you understand basic body signs and what to watch for? Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
Hands/Palms Tell It ALL! What Do Yours Say? with Cheryln
July 25, 7-9:00 p.m.
Understand that your hands can change depending on the choices that you make regarding: Career, Lifestyle, Relationships, Moves, Finances, Children, and much more. Did you know that the Size, Shape Texture, Positioning, Lines, X's, Crosses, Circles, Line Connections, etc. in your palms ALL mean something? Did you know that they tell everything about you? There are no two hands that are exactly alike, including your own! What does your 'major' hand reveal vs. your 'minor' hand, and what does it mean? Why is YOUR hand changing? Get the answers to these questions. Find out what your hands are saying about YOU! Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
Dream Interpretation: What Do Your Dreams Mean? (with Cheryln)
July 29, 7-9:00 p.m.
What do your dreams mean? They reveal and solve questions and answers about what is going on in your life - your current situations, issues, relationships, health, and financial status. This presentation will be offered in a unique way beyond what "dream books" tell you. Entertaining and enlightening, Cheryln will share techniques to find our own dream interpretations. Learn tips on remembering your dreams and what to look for while you dream. Jot down a dream that you remember so that Cheryln can interpret it for you - this will be an interactive class. Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
What is My True Life Purpose? Why Am I Here? (with Cheryln)
July 31, 7-9:00 p.m.
What is my true life purpose? Why am I here? Everyone has a life purpose, passions, and a mission to complete. You come with talents and abilities that all play a part of your true purpose. What is your purpose? Important signs to watch for are: What are they, where do they come from, and how do you recognize the signs? Fulfill your dreams, life purpose, passions, and your true mission by knowing and understanding how to find your true life's purpose and recognizing the signs! How is it all related to lessons we learn with relationships, moves, finances, health, and more? You will learn the answers to these questions, plus much more in this class. Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
Right Brain—Left Brain "Think Outside the Box" with Cheryln
August 1, 4-6:00 p.m.
Do you often ask yourself:
• Why do I feel stuck and unable to move forward?
• Which side of your brain are you working out of? Anything is achievable if you are working out of the correct hemisphere of your brain.
• Why am I afraid to try new things?
• What does it mean when I am operating from my left or right brain? How can this information help me to get out of my box and move forward?
• I know I want a relationship, a new job, more money, that move I have anticipated, etc. How can I direct it all to come to me faster?
Understand that you have to be operating out of the appropriate hemisphere of your brain to accomplish what you desire. Do yourself a favor and take this Class and test and find out where you are, how to get into the correct side of the brain, and what it will do to help you bring more happiness, success and fulfillment into your life. Handouts included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
Color Psychology, Healing and Auras
August 1, 7-9:00 p.m.
Cheryln (Mix a Professional Interior Designer with a Certified Medium—what do you get?) Your color choices IMPACT your Health, Happiness and Well-Being. Are you choosing the right COLORS for you? Heal yourself through Color Choices - What is THE CONNECTION BETWEEN COLOR PSYCHOLOGY, HEALING & AURAS? Why do you choose the colors that you do? What do the colors mean? Are you choosing the right colors for you and why? How are the colors you are using affecting you and those around you? How do these colors affect your energy vibrations and aura? How can you use your color choices to your best advantage to help bring all that you need and desire in your life? Cheryln will share this information with you at this presentation in a very unique way - as you hear the answers to these questions, and much more! Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
Intuition and Meditation Tools—Build Your Own Skills. Are You Psychic?
August 2, 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Facilitator: Cheryln This is a fun class and will give you a broad variety of the types of tools you can use to build your Mediumship/Intuition and Meditation skills. This is a class that highlights and explores some ofthe many fun methods of developing your intuitive abilities. Find your forte as you explore such methods as billets, palms, psychometry, flower, egg, ribbons, or smoke readings. It may touch on the use of playing cards or tarot, as well as crystals, stones, or dice. You may be exploring reading everything from tea leaves to dirty plates. W ith practice you can enjoy giving messages using many different tools. We all have these abilities— what are yours? Come with an open mind and have fun! Handouts will be included.

Suggested Love offering to Cheryln: $10-20;
You can pre-register to reserve your space (623) 214-3694; Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com.
Psychic Fair - Last Saturday of the Month
Save the date for our Psychic Day and mark your calendars for the last Saturday of every month from 1-4 p.m. so that you may enjoy the opportunity to sit with our readers for only $1 per minute (15-minute minimum).

You need not make an appointment, but you can call the library (760) 745-2724 an hour prior to the start of the event if you want to ensure a specific time and reader (pre-payment when calling will be required). The concentration of Lightworking reader prepares the space adding a very high vibration, with specific intentions that you will feel when you walk in - good energy! Enjoy browsing the new items in the gift shop and light refreshments. You can see detailed bios for our readers on our Website, www.philosophicallibrary.org.
More info: Jan (760) 579-2466; janieb@cox.net.

Readers available are listed below, please click on the name for the reader's bio:

Debra Zachau

Izabelle Joie Doucet

Kristina Ming

Shannon Wingard

Victoria SkyDancer

Dawn Yepez

Zanna Majerle
Course in Miracles
6:30 p.m. (check the calendar for date)
A Course in Miracles continues to be one of the most influential and effective tools for true spiritual healing and self-discovery, assisting individuals to find their true purpose in life. Please join us for an introduction to the book and a group discussion on its lessons and its relevance as we enter the new age.

Adrian Magana (760) 822-6294
$4 recommended Philosophical Library donation.
Upcoming Classes and Events
Our Store Can Use Your Old Unwanted Metaphysical Items
If you have any items laying around that you could donate such as crystals, jewelry, scarfs and other unique items or gifts, please contact Marjorie at (760) 745-2724.
Volunteers Needed
We have many other volunteer positions available in: marketing, grant writing, volunteer coordinating, library operations, book filing, graphic arts, IT, business administration, assistant Librarian, teaching a class, etc. Do you know of anyone looking to help make the world a better place by increasing the consciousness of others, why not start at the Philosophical Library?

Currently we have an immediate need for the following positions:

This is a weekly volunteer position, a minimum of 6 hours a week, weekday mornings or early afternoons managing our 12,000 book and media collection with help from assistant librarian volunteers. Computer skills necessary, but will train to use our library software, Primasoft. Good organizational skills, a love of books and attention to detail is required.

For more information on these positions, please contact Dan at 858-692-5552 or e-mail the Library at info@philosophicallibrary.org.
Books Wanted
Do you have books laying around that you have never read? Why not donate them to The Philosophical Library to help support our mission? We can use all books and media. Old text books, cook books, tape sets, metaphysical books, religious books, philosophy books, self-help, fiction and non-fiction, etc. Drop them in our drop box or during your visit to help out The Philosophical Library and others that may need the information that they contain. We may be able to pick them up, please call the Library or send us an e-mail.
Contact or Visit the Philosophical Library
1330 E Valley Pkwy #G
Escondido. CA 92027
(behind IHOP)

Store and lending library hours:
Tuesday through Thursday  3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Fridays 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Saturday  12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Closed Holidays

Phone: (760) 745-2724
Email: info@philosophicallibrary.org

Please note that the Library does not ascribe to any of the material presented in the activities hosted. It is our purpose to offer a forum for the presentation of a wide variety of philosophical, spiritual, psychological, religious, and secular beliefs without endorsing those beliefs.
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